Our employees are our most valuable resource — our people don’t just work for the company, they are the company. We prioritize and safeguard the health and wellness of our employees, respect them as individuals, and provide opportunities for self-improvement and professional development.

We foster a work culture that respects the principles of human rights and equality, and we value diversity in our employees. We believe an inclusive workforce fosters a progressive work environment.

Our Employees

Approximately 1,660 people were employed by Endeavour Silver at December 31, 2014 across our three operations in Mexico, an administration office in León, Mexico and our corporate head office in Vancouver, Canada.

Local Hiring

Endeavour creates many employment opportunities at each mine. We place particular emphasis on hiring people from nearby communities with the aim of ensuring the company and the community both enjoy the benefits of the operation and enjoy long-term success together.


Attracting and Retaining Qualified Talent

Attracting and retaining qualified employees is key to the operational stability and the sustainability of our company. We offer competitive wages and benefits as well as generous safety and production bonuses. We also offer remote location salary premiums where applicable.

Health and Safety

Protecting the health and safety of our workers is a top priority. Our approach of continuous safety training, empowering employees to be responsible for the health and safety of themselves and others in the workplace, and rewarding them for being proactive has resulted in true ownership of our Health and Safety programs and we are working towards continual improvements in overall safety performance.

Endeavour sets rigorous safety standards. Our safety policies are supported by daily training, shift talks, regular supervision, clear procedures, and safety audits. Every employee is responsible for maintaining safe conditions and practices in their respective area.

For more information about People at Endeavour Silver, download our 2015 Annual Review and Sustainability Report here.