Message from the CEO

I believe all companies today must take action to advance global sustainability.

We need to see meaningful action, beyond rhetoric and good intentions.

At Endeavour Silver, we’re acting on many fronts to drive positive change.

Sustainability is a priority for us, part of our culture, part of our success

Supporting and Empowering Our People

Sustainability is very much about people.

Health and safety is our top priority at Endeavour.

We’ve made major safety enhancements through empowerment, education and developing a culture that cares. This has led to lower accident, injury rates and preventing high potential incidents.

And we’re doing more to promote mental wellness. Our new employee assistance program offers resources to support employees and their families.

We’re helping people – both in our workforce and in our communities – to access services and opportunities that benefit their well-being and the communities where they live.

This past year we continued to invest significantly in education.

  • We provided an average of 44 training hours to each of our employees and contractors.
  • And, 2021 marked the fifth year of our Scholarship Program in Mexico. Since Inception we’ve provided over 550 scholarships to students.

Elevating Our Environmental Stewardship

Protecting our planet is a global action that requires local solutions.

Across our sites in Mexico, we’re focused on water and energy conservation, and responsibly managing our waste. We recycle and reuse over 90% of the water used in our operations, minimizing our reliance on fresh water.

And as always, we work hard to restore historically disturbed areas around our mining sites. Over the past five years, our local teams have planted 280,000 trees through our reforestation program.

New Sustainability Strategy Will Propel Us Forward

With many sustainability initiatives in place, we’re raising the bar for ourselves.

Earlier this year, we published our new 3 year Sustainability Strategy. We’ve set some ambitious goals to drive the impacts we want to make. For example:

  • A pledge to invest $2 million over the next three years to support community needs in Mexico.
  • A commitment to increase diversity and inclusion across our company. By 2024, we want our leadership positions to be 25% women. For a number of reasons, Mining lags other sectors in gender equality. We aim to close that gap.
  • We’re also targeting reductions to our carbon footprint, and making additional investments to protect local ecosystems.

Through our leadership and actions at Endeavour Silver, I’m convinced we can, and will, achieve a lot more.

It’s about building a bridge to a sustainable future, in which both our business and our stakeholders can thrive.

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