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edrsilvercorp Just as raw materials, minerals, and metals are critical to our economy, the access and handling of water affects everyone. Therefore, at #Endeavour, we are proud to be recyling and reusing over 93% of total water consumed in our operations to ensure responsible water usage whilst supporting various industries that positively impact our lives. #WorldWaterDay #WaterAction #Goal6 #WaterFact

edrsilvercorp March 22, 2023

edrsilvercorp We're pleased to publish our inaugural climate strategy report, “Our Climate Journey.” The report highlights our approach to climate change and aligns with the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (“TCFD”), providing specific climate-related information in four areas: governance, strategy, risk management, and metrics and targets. Head to to learn more.

edrsilvercorp March 9, 2023

edrsilvercorp As a company that contributes to the mining industry, we acknowledge there is still a long way to go to drive gender parity. This is why, as part of our 3 year sustainability strategy, we have a target to have at least a quarter of our female employees at #Endeavour to be in leadership positions by 2024 as we strive to #EmbraceEquity together. #IWD2023

edrsilvercorp March 8, 2023

edrsilvercorp Our strong and reliable operating performance resulted in robust 2022 financial results. We are especially pleased to have delivered against our all-in sustaining cost guidance of less than $20 per ounce, despite industrywide inflationary pressures, as a result of our strong production performance. Head to to learn more about today's news.

edrsilvercorp March 2, 2023

edrsilvercorp At Endeavour Silver, we strive for excellence in our day to day work. The high standard of our output is deeply rooted in our joint effort and commitment to producing silver that fuels a greener and better community.

edrsilvercorp February 2, 2023

edrsilvercorp Christmas is the season of giving! This past holiday, our employees from the Leon office got into the festive spirit while delivering presents to the children of an institution dedicated to the care of kids who were once on their own. It was an emotional and rewarding experience.

edrsilvercorp January 31, 2023

edrsilvercorp In honour of our founders, Bradford Cooke and Godfrey Walton, the Bolanitos mine inaugurated a multipurpose room last month. This room was created to be used as a place for our employees to be trained, conduct meetings, and used as a library.

edrsilvercorp January 30, 2023

edrsilvercorp #DYK one of the objectives of the Department of Geology and Exploration, is to control the quality and quantity of the mineral resources, from exploration to mining, before entering the processing plant.

edrsilvercorp January 26, 2023

edrsilvercorp The Guanaceví mine, located in Durango, Mexico, is the backbone on which Endeavour was founded. Marking the Company’s first acquisition in 2004, Guanaceví has outlived multiple cycles to surpass USD$1 billion in revenue in 2022, a significant milestone, nearly two decades later.

edrsilvercorp January 17, 2023

edrsilvercorp Endeavour is proud to be a #silver sponsor of the #AMERoundup2023 held in Vancouver next week. We can't wait for the event! @ameroundup

edrsilvercorp January 17, 2023

edrsilvercorp Our 2023 guidance marks our fourth consecutive year of production growth and a 25% increase from the mid-point of last year’s original forecast. Our ongoing operational success is a product of culture and values promoted throughout the Company for safe and sustainable operations, together with improved mineral quality at Guanaceví. Head to our news section in the link in our bio to learn more.

edrsilvercorp January 16, 2023

edrsilvercorp We are very pleased to have exceeded the top end of the 2022 production guidance, with full year silver equivalent production improving by 9% year over year and fourth quarter silver equivalent production up 21% over the prior year period. Fourth quarter throughput and grades at Guanaceví exceeded plan, contributing to the significant out-performance of the Guanaceví operations during 2022. Link in bio to learn more.

edrsilvercorp January 16, 2023

edrsilvercorp We hope you're ready to wind down for this festive season! To our employees, investors, peers, and communities, thank you for a tremendous year. Happy Holidays!

edrsilvercorp December 24, 2022

edrsilvercorp Tis the season of giving! We're thrilled to have taken part in #NYSEGlobalGiving to honour the charity of our choice this year where we supported the Mining for Miracles campaign to raise awareness for BC Children's Hospital. #NYSECommunity $EXK

edrsilvercorp December 23, 2022

edrsilvercorp In 2021, our Bolañitos team was recognized with distinction for one of their contractors to receive the Socially Responsible Company distinction, awarded by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI) and the Alliance for Corporate Social Responsibility for Mexico (AliaRSE).

edrsilvercorp December 21, 2022

edrsilvercorp We relocated 22 endangered or protected species found on our sites including rattlesnakes, a rare type of lizard and two other types of snakes. We also relocated other species not in a protected status, including a wildcat, bees and other snakes.

edrsilvercorp December 20, 2022

edrsilvercorp 2021 marked the fifth year of our Scholarship Program in Mexico, created to provide greater access to opportunities for students in our communities. In the past year, we distributed 171 scholarships and 558 since the program first launched.

edrsilvercorp December 19, 2022

edrsilvercorp We’ve all heard the phrase “born with a silver spoon in his/her mouth,” and most of us would take that to mean the child grew up wealthy. But the idiom originated as a way of saying that the person never seems to get sick. Because of silver’s germ-killing properties, in the old days children who were fed with silver spoons were typically healthier babies.

edrsilvercorp December 17, 2022