• Silver enables a cleaner, greener, more sustainable world

New technology needs silver

Silver can be found practically everywhere and is an indispensable part of the future. From electrical switches and solar panels to chemical-producing catalysts, silver is an essential component in many industries. Its unique properties make it nearly impossible to substitute and its uses span a wide range of applications.

Almost every computer, cell phone, car and appliance contain silver. It is the perfect substance for coating electrical contacts – like those in printed circuit boards – because of its high electrical conductivity and durability.

Investors need Silver

Silver has earned a place in the portfolios of many  investors as a solid investment and storehouse of wealth and value. As a medium of exchange, silver is used in much the same way that gold is – and due of its lower value – it is accessible to a greater number of people who choose to keep physical silver instead of paper money.

Today, physcial silver is stored in secured vaults and banks for various exchange traded funds (ETF’s) and other investment derivatives.

The future needs silver

As a crucial material used in renewable energy, technology and electric vehicles, silvers role in creating a sustainable future is expanding. As the world transitions to electric vehicles and renewable power, demand for silver will continue to grow.  We have already seen significant global commitments to tackle the climate change crisis, all of which will require more silver consumption.

Essential Silver

  • One of the first five metals ever discovered
  • First metal used as currency (~700BC)
  • Most reflective element, reflecting 95% of the visible light spectrum
  • Best natural conductor of all elements: scores 100% conductivity, next closest is copper at 97%
  • Predominantly mined as a by-product metal in copper, lead and zinc mines
  • Most of the world’s silver is found in Mexico
  • Kills bacteria and has antibiotic qualities; it is used medically to reduce or prevent the spread of infections

Did You Know

Battery-powered electric vehicles requires approximately twice as much silver as internal combustion vehicles. Silver’s unique properties helps propel innovation in safety, technology and environment in the auto industry.

Did you know

The fastest growing component of silver demand is from the electric vehicle (EV) industry. EV’s are expected to account for almost 50% of silver use in automobiles by 2040.

Silver is essential and necessary part of modern life today and tomorrow

  • Solar panels 
  • Health care (medicine & equipment) 
  • Electronics
  • Bars & coins (investment)
  • Jewellry 
  • Semi-conductors 
  • Space travel 
  • Electric vehicles 
  • Water purification
  • Batteries 
  • ETFs (investment)
  • Silverware 
  • Hydrogen fuel cells 
  • Chemical catalysts