1 de diciembre de 2021

Community members near our Bolañitos and Terronera sites now have a welcoming new place to meet and interact with our Endeavour team following the opening of a Community House in each location.

Each Community House is designed to serve as a direct communication channel with the local community, and a hub for community activities and workshops. We opened the first facility in Bolañitos in June 2021 and since then have held several workshops on biofilters (to filter water), waste management, and a workshop on nail care to provide local women skills for employment in hair salons.  

And now with the Terronera Project advancing towards construction, the community relations team launched a new Community House in April. The House will be the centre for training workshops, cultural programs, and a community garden in San Sabastian del Oeste, with a Community Relations person present twice per week to engage our stakeholders on topics including employment information, scholarship submissions, and to arrange the donation of  COVID-19 related materials  from the mine. As COVID-19 restrictions are slowly lifted, more activities will take place, including arts and culture workshops, trade skills seminars and a community movie theatre.  

We plan to open a similar Community House in Guanaceví in the future!

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