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Our ambition is to lead a trusted, well-performing business

Since launching Endeavour Silver more than 15 years ago, we’ve built our business on the principles of accountability, ethical behavior and social integrity. These foundations are critical from the top of our company down, so that we create long-term organizational sustainability.

Guided by our Sustainability Strategy 2022-2024, we are further strengthening our governance, management of ESG risks, company culture and the resilience of our business.

2021 Highlights

of our employees completed training on our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics
of our procurement was from local and national suppliers in Mexico
developed to guide our sustainability efforts for the next three years (2022-2024)
gives our stakeholders a channel for reporting concerns

Good governance is critical to Endeavour’s success.

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Creating an ethical organizational culture is a top priority for Endeavour.

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We’re focused on strengthening the sustainability of our supply network. 

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Alignment to the United Nations SDGs