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Our suppliers are key partners in Endeavour’s success and helping us achieve our sustainability goals

Reflecting our commitment to ‘buy local’, we use suppliers in Mexico for nearly all our company’s procurement needs. We have clear standards that suppliers must follow to do business with Endeavour, and we’re working to apply stronger ESG principles and risk management practices in our procurement practices so that we cultivate a truly sustainable supply chain.

Why this matters to us 

We rely on a comprehensive network of contractors and suppliers to service our operations, as well as exploration and development sites. A reliable and responsible supply chain is essential to our operations. The COVID-19 pandemic’s disruption of supply chains around the world reinforced the importance of having a resilient, sustainable supply network. 

We also believe the mining industry has a responsibility to contribute to the economic development of regional communities on which we depend. One way we do this is through our procurement practices. Stakeholders in our host communities specifically look to Endeavour to support local businesses by purchasing their goods and services.

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