9 de mayo de 2023

Since creative approaches, and the arts, can help build community values and shared understanding, Endeavour sponsored an innovative project in Boloñitos to develop audiovisual materials that highlight identity elements and local sites of interest. The initiative involved children and young people, with a participatory approach focused on collecting their views of the inhabitants regarding their environment and reality.

The overall objective of the initiative is to use the materials to promote the communities in the region's tourist routes, to attract other income sources to the area and lessen dependence on mining activity.

For this initiative, two alliances were established, first in 2021, with Cine La Mina and second in 2022 with the Mexican filmmaker Enrique García Meza. Twenty-two young people from the community applied to develop two short local movies (cortometrajes). These aspiring filmmakers developed their subjects, wrote their scripts, filmed and acted in these hometown productions. Endeavour financed the technical team and postproduction of the short movies, which touched on themes such as 'belonging to the community', 'migration' and 'gender'.

In addition, Endeavour engaged youth from our community scholarships program to help run workshops and an exhibition of the short films in the main square of Mineral de la Luz, where around 120 people attended. One of the films was even selected for screening at a film festival in the City of Guanajuato.

In 2023, we plan to continue supporting this valuable community initiative.

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