1 de agosto de 2021

Since beginning our scholarship program in 2017, we’ve helped 387 young people from Endeavour Silver communities to advance their education and improve their employment prospects.

The program dates back to 2016, when we surveyed community members about their priorities for a new community investment program.  We learned that education and employability were important issues, particularly since desertion from school occurred when youth faced financial challenges to continue their studies, including the cost of transport, meals, tuition and school supplies.

In response, Endeavour launched our scholarship program - initially to support 50 students from communities around Bolañitos. Over the following two years, we expanded the program to all of our sites, with an increasing scholarship recipients each year. In 2020 we granted 142 new scholarships and we hope to grow this number annually.

A major part of our program is a partnership with the University of Guanajuato. Today, we sponsor 24 students per year to study at that institution, however the program recognizes students at all ages.

The program has also improved the employment hopes of many young people. We have offered internships at our Bolañitos mine to those scholars who have completed their studies, with the chance to continue working at the mine after their internship. We have seen a tremendous success from this program and recognize that supporting education for young people is the key to the social fabric of our communities.

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