11 de mayo de 2022

Luis Eduardo Ruiz, an administrative assistant within Endeavour’s cafeteria services group in Guanaceví, was born without hands.

At an early age, he learned to do everything by himself. His mother emphasized selfreliance, pushing Luis to figure things out on his own. Another crucial life lesson she imparted on him: to be humble enough to ask for help when needed. He says: “My life has been a journey of learning my limitations and accepting them, but always trying to do things first and not worrying about looking good in someone else’s eyes.”

Schooled and trained as an industrial engineer, in the summer of 2020 he applied for a job at Endeavour. At the time, the only position available was warehouse labourer. Despite being overqualified, he asked to be considered for the role – and was hired. Within eight months Luis was promoted to his current role.

He adds: “Endeavour recognizes me for my talent and performance while encouraging me to be myself at work. The people are so helpful and supportive.”

His supervisor explains: “Luis has been an example for everyone, inspiring others with his positive attitude. He can do most tasks asked of him very effectively, despite his physical limitations. The team fully accepts him and at no point has he faced any type of discrimination. I also have a child with different abilities. I hope that one day his future employer will be as welcoming as Endeavour and provides the same opportunities to thrive at work.”

Luis is proud of his work and achievements at Endeavour to date. He is building knowledge of the mining operation and plans to seize more opportunities to develop professionally.

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