15 de mayo de 2024

Clean water is essential to human health and a sustainable economy, but millions of people in many areas of the world lack access to safe drinking water. This unfortunate reality is true in rural regions of Mexico. 

At Endeavour Silver, we recognize that water is a significant issue in Mexico, and we’ve made it a priority in our community and environmental efforts. In 2022, we launched a comprehensive effort, in collaboration with the local government and community representatives, to rehabilitate a major water well for the Guanaceví community near our mine.

Currently, the community relies on water sourced from the mine, which is not sustainable over the long term. Following environmental and hydrological studies to confirm the project feasibility, as well as the quality and safety of the underground water, drilling began in early2023, reaching 255 meters deep.

Following pumping tests, drilling was completed in June 2023. Since then, work has focused on coordinating the civil and electromechanical aspects of the well and preparing the premises for operation. This work has included building an access road to accommodate the installation of a 160-thousand-litre tank, expected to arrive in early 2024. The well should be fully functional by mid-year. 

Endeavour is also involved in addressing water issues in Bolañitos, where we continue to partner with the Geosmina Permacultura group to promote sustainable farming and water management, including two projects to provide filtered rainwater for a school vegetable garden. 

Through these and other initiatives, we are committed to helping our host communities solve their water challenges and enrich people’s lives.

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