15 de mayo de 2024

Every day, our team members perform with a key goal in mind: completing their job safely. As a mining company, safety is more than policies and procedures. It’s a mindset, a unified culture driven by looking out for each other’s well-being (“Te Cuido”).

This philosophy was in full force during a week-long internal event last year themed “Eye on Risk”. Our Guanaceví and Bolañitos sites each selected a multidisciplinary team to visit the other’s operations and conduct a site assessment, with a focus on reviewing safety risk control protocols. Each team inspected different working areas, summarized their findings and presented recommendations. The exercise proved to be a valuable experience for everyone, allowing our team members to learn and gain insights from each other, understand the different challenges faced at each site and focus on getting better and safer together. The results are presented in site reports and the local team will ensure that each department follows up with the recommendations.

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