11 de mayo de 2022

For several years now, scientists have been researching the potential to use plants to aid and accelerate land restoration on former tailings pits. Endeavour tested this naturebased approach to reclamation and started a pilot project last year to rehabilitate a section of our tailings pond in Guanaceví that is no longer in use (approximately 500 m²).

The planting initiative comprised covering the sides with geocells, biodegradable fibers, organic materials and seeds. The seeds used are for species that are adaptable and present in the region: Zinnia peruviana (a flower), Aristida divaricata (a grass) and Bouteloua gracilis (a bush).

The project took place over four months and involved environmental consultants and company staff, who planted 18 kilos of Bouteloua gracilis along the shoreline. The results to date are very positive: lush, dense vegetation has grown in the seeded areas, providing natural cover (see before and after pictures below). Based on this initial success, we will expand and accelerate the rehabilitation project. In 2022, the plan is to cover an area of 1000 m², and we have purchased a hydroseeder to ensure more efficient and reliable planting.

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