9 de mayo de 2023

Since introducing Endeavour's workplace culture program in 2020, "Te Cuido" (I take care of you), we are enjoying improved safety, health and wellness of our people, including reduced workplace injuries, with less severity, and reduced absenteeism.

We continued integrating "Te Cuido" in 2022, with an emphasis on employee training to deeply engrain the program's core safety management components. Workshop topics ranged Company values to lifesaving techniques to aiding a trauma patient. The curriculum is designed to be both engaging and interactive, with hands-on 'Maze' and 'Toxic Lake' challenges that enable participants to develop their leadership and teamwork skills.

We now see strong internal ownership of "Te Cuido" take root, as the external consulting group handed over day-to- day program management and training to Endeavour teams.

Local work teams are also achieving impressive milestones that demonstrate their commitment. For example, our Bolañitos group has achieved three years with no LTIs at the plant and won third place in the First Aid category at the Regional Mine Rescue Competition in Durango, Mexico.

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