15 de mayo de 2024

At Endeavour Silver, we believe in the power of community collaboration and the positive impact it can have on the lives of residents. That’s why we are proud to be involved in street improvement projects in Guanajuato, a community next to our Bolañitos mine.

In 2021, our Bolañitos team began working with the Municipal Government of Guanajuato and the Municipal Drinking Water and Sewerage System of Guanajuato (SIMAPAG) in a collaborative program to pave community streets in need of repair.

Each year, we invite community members to submit project proposals, whereby they identify streets for improvement based on traffic flow, number of beneficiaries, and residents’ commitment to project implementation.

As part of Endeavour’s contribution to this initiative, our Bolañitos team supervises the coordination management and supplies essential construction materials such as sand, gravel, cement and mined stone, with a goal to restore the original style of the community streets while making them safer.

The Municipal Government provides technical direction of the works, SIMAPAG facilitates the installation of drainage and water lines and the beneficiary community supplies labor for the paving process.

From 2021 to 2023, the Mineral de la Luz community witnessed the paving of an impressive 3,855 square meters of local streets. Thanks to the dedication and teamwork of all parties involved, numerous streets have been revitalized as important arteries for walking, bicycling and driving, as well as cherished public spaces for people.

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