A.  We do not view ESG as an issue to be managed, we treat all of the impacts of our business as core to how we conduct our business. Mining like other industries worked historically in the context of social and environmental standards of the day. But these standards change, so industry has to change as well. Not only that, we at Endeavour Silver think the industry should not be lagging or responding to changes in these standards, we believe we should be proactive in setting better standards for our performance each year. What started as Corporate Social Responsibility, reflecting the impact our industry has on local communities in particular and society as a whole, has evolved to integrate Environment and Governance. When we started our Annual Sustainability Report eight years ago, we coined the term Corporate Social Integrity to more accurately reflect our view that we are responsible first to ourselves and our people. As these concepts evolved, they grew to encompass all aspects of our business that impact all stakeholders, hence the emergence of the term Sustainability. In May 2021, we will issue our 9th Annual Sustainability Report which covers all impacts of our business, positive and negative, for all of our stakeholders. Endeavour has been a leader not only in sustainability reporting for the mining industry in Mexico, each year we set a “higher bar” for our own ESG performance. Early on, we embraced a “philosophy of continuous improvement” and that is how we conduct our business including ESG.

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