Sustainability for Endeavour Silver is not an addition to our business strategy, it is core to the way we do business, and that is what makes us different. We work hard to ensure that our management teams at all levels understand our approach to sustainability so that it is embedded in our decision-making processes.

When we bought our first dormant mine in Mexico in 2004, we recognized that in order to accomplish our business goals, we had to raise the quality of life in the local communities, as that was the only path for us to have success. For example, we brought the first nurse, doctor, ambulance and clinic to town; the first bank ATM; we worked with the local authorities to repair infrastructure such as roads, the school and meeting hall.

We started formalizing our efforts in 2012 through our first sustainability report, and in 2013 we adopted the GRI framework and in 2014 we did our first planning exercise where we defined the long term vision for our five sustainability pillars (Safety and Health, People, Community, Environment and Economic Impact).

Every year, we do a materiality review with key stakeholders and management to establish our sustainability targets and priorities for the upcoming year, and determine what steps and resources are needed to accomplish our goals. In our annual sustainability report, we review the results of the previous year´s priorities and share the priorities for the upcoming year.

Most recently, we launched an educational scholarship program in Mexico and small business training for people such as mothers wanting to develop career skills and support themselves. We focus on “greening” all our activities to maximize the positive impacts and minimize any negative impacts on the environment.

Endeavour Silver was recently recognized as a Top 40 Future Responsible Corporate Leaders in Canada by Corporate Knights. This is a prestigious sustainability award for medium-sized businesses in Canada. Additionally, I was also the winner in the “Best CEO in Sustainable Mining Industry 2018” review by for our innovative community relations and care for the environment.

You can review our latest Sustainability Report, published this May, where we discuss our commitments and performance in 2017 related to the operational and sustainability topics that matter most to our stakeholders. We also publish a shorter summary document, which is also presented below.

Full report in English

Full report in Spanish

Summary document in English

Summary document in Spanish

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