9 de mayo de 2023

Since we recognize the significant movement underway to strengthen and standardize the way the world accounts for climate related risks and opportunities, Endeavour Silver is working to develop our own understanding and disclosures. Over the past 12 months, we've taken steps to better appreciate these considerations, integrate them into our business, and ready ourselves for a decarbonizing world.

In the fall of 2022, we held workshops to identify risks and opportunities related to climate change as part of a broader corporate risk assessment. An external consultant facilitated the workshops, following the guidelines of the TCFD, engaging senior management and key regional managers from each site who possess a deep knowledge of both our operations and the surrounding communities.

During these workshops, we drafted a risk profile for each asset, the regions in which we operate, and the company and we stress tested them through a series of relevant climate change scenarios. This allowed us to identify key controls and actions to consider putting in place to reduce the identified risks, serving as the groundwork for us to develop a more ambitious climate agenda for our company.

Remarking on the initial work, as part of an iterative, multi-year process to build a robust and effective climate roadmap for Endeavour, Dan Dickson, CEO observed that, "For Endeavour Silver, like many other organizations, we are in the early days of our climate journey. We are trying to be thoughtful and iligent in assessing what the climate emergency means for our Company and the most effective steps we can take."

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