15 de mayo de 2024

Understanding the potential risks and consequences of a tailings failure, and being adequately prepared in case one happens, are among the 77 technical and governance requirements of the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (GISTM). The GISTM sets a precedent for the safe management of tailings storage facilities (TSFs), towards the goal of zero harm.

Endeavour is aligning with this standard and is taking action to strengthen our current practices by integrating the many considerations outlined in the Gym across the entire tailings facility lifecycle. One example of our efforts is undertaking a Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), a GISTM requirement that we hadn’t done previously in a formal or structured way, even though we engage early with an independent engineer to evaluate the conditions and stability of our TSFs. 

In October 2023, an external facilitator ran workshops at Terronera and Guanaceví for management and employees that have a key role in tailings management at our active operations and projects. During the workshops, the facilitator worked together with the employees to carry out a FMEA for our TSFs. In addition, the workshops also aimed to:

  • Create a common understanding of the situation of tailings dams globally and the need for better controls.
  • Communicate the necessary TSF improvements needed at Endeavour, as identified through the gap analysis; and 
  • Identify next steps to continue aligning with the GISTM. 

Through the workshops, we identified risks associated with different departments, evaluated the likelihood and severity of a tailings incident, discussed mitigation measures, assigned responsibilities and established timeline to execute and review progress on the action plan. A similar workshop will take place at Bolañitos in 2024.

Complementing the workshops, we engaged our independent engineer to model a possible tailings failure. These insights informed the development of our three-year road map to reach compliance with the GISTM by 2026.

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