3 de octubre de 2023

We’re at the halfway mark in executing our Sustainability Strategy 2022-2024. I feel it’s a good time to recap for you, our stakeholders, our progress to date.

Launched in January 2022, the three-year strategy aims to deliver positive impacts for people (in our workforce and in local communities), our planet and our business. In each of these three areas, we have defined aspirational goals and targets to focus our work, which also lets our stakeholders know we’re serious about sustainability.

I’m happy to report that so far, we’ve completed a number of initiatives and achieved key targets we set for ourselves. Of course, there are areas where more attention is required as we continue driving the strategy forward over the next 18 months.

What We’ve Done Well

  • Health and safety: Our reportable injury rate has dropped significantly. We continue to enhance safety management through our Te Cuido program and our efforts to align Endeavour’s safety practices with the international safety standard, ISO 45001.
  • Environmental action: Water is a big issue in Mexico and it’s a major focus in our environmental agenda. Our water recycling and reuse rate is 88.8% - above our 85% target. We’ve also begun constructing a large water well in Guanacevi, which is important for the community. We’ve continued our reforestation programs well beyond compensation for the areas impacted by our operations and taken steps to better understand the impact of climate change on our business.
  • Community: We’ve amplified our community investments in Mexico reaching US$1 million since January 2022. Our goal is US $2 million over three years so we’re tracking in line with this target. Education is a key area of support: we’re providing scholarships and school supplies for students. Another focus is local economic development and community infrastructure. We continue to offer skills training programs through our “Community Houses” and support municipal projects. We recently added “environment” as another community investment theme, recognizing its significance to Terronera especially.

Where More Work is Needed

  • Absenteeism and turnover rates: At 2% and 7% respectively, the absenteeism and turnover rates are improving, but we aspire to do better. Management changes and actions to enhance employee engagement are expected to help improve these rates.
  • Women in leadership: We have a lot of work to do to meet our goal of 25% women in leadership by the end of 2024. Currently, we’re at 18.3%. While gender imbalance in the mining industry is partly a cultural obstacle and will take time to address, we’re working to find effective ways to increase female representation. For example, we’re requesting that at least one of the candidates applying for any position is a woman
  • Training: By the end of 2024, our training target is 48 hours per employee per year. Currently we’re well short of this goal. Endeavour has many online training programs that employees can access through our e-talent platform, in addition to our regular training programs. We will do a better job to encourage our team members to take advantage of these self-improvement programs.

We’re committed to driving meaningful change through our Sustainability Strategy. There is great momentum as we continue building on a strong foundation and find more ways to make a positive impact on people, the planet and our business. Stay tuned, we will share another update in our next Sustainability Report.

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Dan Dickson
Chief Executive Officer and Director, 2023

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