• Who we are

We unearth raw silver that is transformed into applications essential to human progress and the modern world – from batteries and smart phones to electric vehicles, medical devices and solar panels.

We are Endeavour Silver

Established in 2004, Endeavour Silver Corp is a mining company, focused on discovering and mining silver, with projects and operations in three countries: Mexico, Chile and the United States. Our purpose is to be a leading silver producer that creates value for our stakeholders by discovering, developing and operating our mines in a sustainable way. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Endeavour Silver is listed on the NYSE:EXK and TSX:EDR.

Why Silver?

We are passionate about the silver business. Silver is considered a precious metal and is one of the most versatile metals in the world. It has long been used as storage for wealth, but its use also spans a wide range of industrial applications that people and businesses use every day and is considered one of the key metals to enable a cleaner, greener, more sustainable world. 

Business Strategy

Our business strategy balances short-term profitability with long-term investments in exploration and development to extend our mine lives and build new mines to drive future profitability. Rooted in our desire to create benefits for all our stakeholders, Endeavour is committed to sustainable production and aims to responsibly explore and manage our mining properties. For us, it is about ensuring the success of our people, local communities and our business. 

Investment Thesis

Endeavour Silver is a premium silver investment vehicle in a limited market with strong leverage to the silver price:

  • We offer one of the strongest growth profiles in our silver peer group.
  • Our commitment to exploration has been a key driver of our success. We have a solid track record for growing reserves and identifying new areas of high-grade silver mineralization at existing operations, while making new discoveries and advancing projects through the development stage.
  • We maintain one of the highest proportions of silver metal production, with over 50% of our revenue mix attributable to silver.
  • We pursue further value creation by investing in new assets where our expertise can be deployed to support the development and operation of new, economically attractive silver mines.

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