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    Engaged & Inclusive Workplace

Delivering a positive work experience for our people

We’re working harder to create new ways to foster a more engaged and inclusive workplace. It’s a key objective of our new ESG Strategy – and imperative to our success in today’s changing world.

We invest significantly in developing our people and strive to be responsive to their diverse needs, recognizing that employee engagement depends on many different factors. Our aim is a workforce that’s motivated, ethical and accountable, within an inclusive environment where people feel valued and supported to do their best work.

Why this matters to us

A highly skilled and motivated workforce is fundamental to our business success. People need to feel valued, respected and recognized so they can do their best work. We also know a diverse and inclusive culture fosters a broader range of skills, experiences and ideas to keep our company strong and progressive.

Our goals 2022-2024

Build a more engaged and inclusive workplace
Key Actions
2024 Goals

Launch new organizational development strategy, which has five elements to help Endeavour build a modern workforce: onboarding, performance evaluations, succession plans, compensation schemes and training

Decrease in average turnover
Maintain or increase percentage of local hiring

Advance diversity and inclusion in our workplace, through education, awareness-building, and recruiting and supporting diverse talent (especially women and people with disabilities)

16% women in our workforce*
25% of women in leadership positions*

*targets align with mining industry 2021 representation averages, as reported by the Mexican Mining Chamber (CAMIMEX) 

Launch company-wide engagement survey and leverage insights to improve the employee experience.

Improvement in employee engagement

Expand learning opportunities to help employees upskill or reskill

48 hours of training per worker annually

Read about our Approach: Our commitments and practices

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