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    Thriving Communities

Boosting support to build resilient communities in a changing world

Serving and strengthening the communities where we operate is part of our purpose at Endeavour. We believe it helps us drive shared progress throughout society, and builds trusted relationships with local stakeholders. As Mexican communities by our operations face many social and economic challenges, the Endeavour team is committed to supporting our valued neighbours with funding, expertise and helping hands.

Why this matters to us

We understand the importance of investing in the social and economic well-being of local communities. These communities are home to many of our employees and their families, and we rely on the infrastructure and surrounding lands to support our business.

We also recognize that communities near our mining operations may be affected in both positive and negative ways. Maintaining open, collaborative relationships with local stakeholders, and responsibly managing our impacts are essential to earn our social license to operate. 

Our goals 2022-2024

Invest more to foster resilient and thriving communities
Key Actions
2024 Goals

Increase funding for community initiatives, aligned with our priority areas of education and employability

Continue and expand the Endeavour scholarships program and other education initiatives for members of our host communities

$2.0M USD invested over three years to support our community programs
Award 500 scholarships over three years

Boost training and support for local entrepreneurs and small businesses, focused on skills development

Increase in general business or employability skills
Growth in small businesses operating in local communities

Support public health initiatives to improve health services and accessibility at the local level

Partnerships and support for NGOs and/or health authorities to improve community health services

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