• Sustainability: Business

    Strong Governance and Risk Management

Approach: Our commitments and practices

Leadership and governance

Our Board of Directors oversees the Company’s business conduct and strategic planning. The Board ensures that appropriate governance mechanisms, policies and procedures are in place, including the  integrity of our internal controls and management information systems.

  • Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and several other policies guide the Board’s oversight and communications with shareholders.
  • Management is responsible for setting long-term goals, objectives, plans and strategies.
  • The Board has four standing committees: Audit Committee, Compensation Committee, Corporate Governance and Nomination Committee, and Sustainability Committee.
  • We have a Diversity Policy, which recognizes the benefits arising from Board, management and employee diversity. A diverse leadership and workforce brings broader perspectives and experience to our team.

Sustainability is fully supported and driven by our executive team and it is ingrained in our governance structure, policies and how we define risk and long term value. Learn more in the Sustainability Oversight section of our website.

Risk assessment and management

Identifying, evaluating, and managing risks, including ESG risks, that can materially impact our business, are critical to our long- term viability and the interests of our stakeholders. Risk management is embedded in our organizational structure and responsibilities. Our risk management methodology and resulting matrix includes scales of assessing and ranking risk impact and likelihood.

Controlling and overseeing risk involves many departments at Endeavour, including Safety and Health, Community Relations and Contractor Management, among others. At the site level, we have a Risk Control Department with a superintendent at each site. Risk assessments take place at each site and action plans are developed to mitigate or address those risks.