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Our ambition is a workplace free of injuries and occupational disease

The well-being of our employees and contractors is a top priority at Endeavour. We put a strong focus on safety training, which includes safety monitoring, rescue training and technical training. And we continue working to ensure both our safety practices and general wellness initiatives are both effective and continuously improving.

Why this matters to us

Safety, health and wellness are top priorities at Endeavour because they matter most to our employees and contractors, and the success of our business. Constant attention to risk awareness and effective risk mitigation is essential in the mining industry – particularly at underground operations, which pose numerous risk hazards. Supporting every other aspect of workers’ well-being has also become increasingly important, driven in part by the global pandemic and improved awareness of mental health issues. 

Our goals 2022-2024

Strengthen safety, health and wellness of our people
Key Actions
2024 Goals

Align Endeavour’s Safety Management System with ISO 45001, the global standard that aims to reduce occupational injuries and diseases

Continue to deploy new safety strategies that address risks and opportunities identified in a third-party safety audit, with a focus on critical risk control protocols and enhanced supervisor training and certification

Implement health control protocols and campaigns to minimize occupational illnesses

Expand mental wellness programs and services across our operations

Zero fatalities and accidents

Maintain or improve Lost-Time Incident (LTI) score year over year

Reduction in absenteeism rate

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