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July 7, 2022

Achieving a Major Safety Milestone at Guanacevi

At our Guanacevi mine, our team of employees and contractors had good reason to celebrate recently: they surpassed a major safety milestone of working 2 million hours without a single lost-time injury.

This is a notable feat in the mining industry, particularly at underground operations which pose numerous risk hazards. A lost-time injury is an injury that prevents a person from returning to their job after the incident. The milestone was achieved in less than 1 year, from October 2021 to June 2022, at a site with more than 800 employees and contractors. A commemorative silver coin (1 oz) is being minted and will be given to all the Guanacevi workers next month with a small bonus in the form of a grocery ticket.

“Safety is an overriding value at Endeavour Silver because there is simply nothing more important,” said Dan Dickson, CEO. “This accomplishment highlights how our team at Guanacevi applies and brings this value to life. Thank you to everyone for your tremendous dedication to keeping each other safe and working in the safest possible way.”

Keeping our company accident free is everyone’s most important job. Endeavour has a long-established safety management system specifically designed for our mining activities.

We put a strong focus on safety training, which includes safety monitoring, rescue training and technical training, and we continue working to strengthen our safety practices. These initiatives are guided by our Te Cuido philosophy and safety culture, meaning ‘I take care of you’.

“Having oversight of Endeavour’s safety program, it is very important to me that we have a proactive safety risk management program,” said Nick Shakesby, Vice President, Operations. “We are proud to recognize this important achievement, as it demonstrates true commitment and diligence from every person in taking ownership of safety. Congratulations to everybody who has contributed. Te Cuido!”

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