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May 11, 2022

Building Awareness of Human Rights, Harassment & Gender Perspective

Everyone at Endeavour shares responsibility for creating an inclusive and supportive environment – one that is free from harassment, discrimination, and other forms of harmful behaviour. Through corporate policies, education and ongoing communication, we strive to promote open dialogue, fairness and kindness, and a high standard for moral behaviour.

To reinforce our commitment, in 2021 we carried out learning workshops at our sites in Guanaceví, Bolañitos, Terronera and the regional office in León that provided 20 hours of human rights training over 10 sessions. The goal of the training was to:

  • Provide knowledge and awareness about the implementation of human rights, including the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights;
  • Provide proper responses to possible human rights threats employees may face in their daily activities;
  • Help employees identify and prevent harassment situations; and
  • Provide tools to solve crisis situations from a gender perspective.

In total, 106 employees (91 men, 15 women) participated in the sessions last year, completing 2,000 hours of training. More sessions are planned in 2022.

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