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October 13, 2022

Endeavour Silver (NYSE: EXK) Celebrates its 10-Year Listing Anniversary on the NYSE by Ringing the Closing Bell!

Endeavour Silver Executive Management team and Board Members (left to right): Dale Mah, VP Corporate Development; Donald Gray, COO; Christine West, CFO; Nick Shakesby, VP Operations; Dan Dickson, CEO; Luis Castro, VP Exploration; Rex McLennan, Chairman; Ricardo Campoy, Director; Galina Meleger, VP Investor Relations (Photo by @NYSE)

Time flies when you are working hard!

And that has certainly been the case at Endeavour Silver, as we reflect on our journey in capital markets and celebrate our 10th anniversary of listing on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

To commemorate the occasion, the Executive Management team joined Dan Dickson, CEO, on the podium while he rang The Closing Bell®. The event, which receives significant media coverage on Wall Street, is an act to honour the strength of our Company and the confidence of our shareholders.

“I was thrilled to celebrate this special milestone alongside our team,” said CEO Dan Dickson, who beamed as the bells rang, and then struck the gavel three times with all his might. “It is an unbelievable experience and an extraordinary feeling to stand on the same podium as many leaders and business visionaries. It is a day I will always cherish.”

Endeavour Silver officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2011, shortly after becoming a two-mine company with the acquisition of Bolanitos. Company founder, Bradford Cooke, saw the opportunity to leverage a wide range of advantages, including access to capital, improved branding and visibility, and increased liquidity. Since Endeavour first listed on the NYSE, the company has grown considerably.

Dan continued, “With the recent passing of Bradford Cooke, our Management team now carries a greater sense of duty to deliver on our objectives and carry forward Brad’s legacy. He would have enjoyed this momentous occasion tremendously. It was his recommendation to list on the NYSE and it has provided unparalleled visibility.”

Over the last few decades, ringing the opening and closing bells at the New York Stock Exchange has become a daily ritual on Wall Street. While Endeavour’s official listing anniversary was during the COVID lock-down, management postponed the event to celebrate such an honourable event in person.

Endeavour Silver CEO, Dan Dickson signing the distinguished guest book, an honour shared by VIP guests, dating back decades (Photo by @NYSE).

Legend has it that breaking the gavel with a mighty strike is good luck – maybe next time we will succeed! (Photo by @NYSE)

Dan Dickson, CEO and Chris Taylor, VP of Listings of the NYSE (Photo by @NYSE).

CEO Dan Dickson signs his name on the VIP wall as part of the 10th Anniversary listing celebration at the NYSE (Photo by @NYSE).

A throwback to 2011 – where founder and former CEO, Bradford Cooke (on the right) struck the gavel for the initial American listing

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