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November 23, 2021

Offering COVID-19 support at our sites

Since the pandemic started, Endeavour has been very active in the local communities to provide support to prevent or mitigate the impacts of COVID-19.

To date, we’ve donated more than 1,550 personal-protective kits, including anti-bacterial gel and masks, to vulnerable households, particularly people over age 60. We’ve also donated 700 rapid test kits and medical equipment, including KN95 masks and surgical gloves, to local health centres.

Our support strategies have varied depending on the need at the sites. For example:

  • In Terronera, we supported about 600 students and professors as they start going back to in-person schooling. 
  • At Guanaceví, Endeavour loaned an ambulance to the community to transport COVID-19 patients from this remote area to a major regional healthcare facility.
  • Also in Guanaceví, our paramedics assisted health authorities, which lacked staff at this remote location, to successfully complete local vaccination campaigns. We performed 1,500 vaccinations in one day and 92% of the population of Guanaceví is now vaccinated.
  • In Bolañitos, we continue to provide materials based on the needs of the local health center.

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