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May 4, 2017

Endeavour Silver Announces 2017 Annual General Meeting Results

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Vancouver, Canada - May 4, 2017 - Endeavour Silver Corp. (NYSE: EXK; TSX: EDR) announces that at today’s 2017 Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) in Vancouver, shareholders voted in favour of all items of business. A total of 76,177,037 votes were cast in person or by proxy at the AGM, representing 59.93% of the outstanding common shares as of the record date.

Election of Directors

Pursuant to a vote by ballot, the following were the votes cast in respect of the election of directors:

Director Votes for Votes withheld Percent for Percent withheld

Ricardo M. Campoy 41,118,668 549,953 98.68% 1.32%
Bradford J. Cooke 41,052,637 615,984 98.52% 1.48%
Geoffrey A. Handley 40,245,623 1,422,998   96.58% 3.42%
Rex J. McLennan 40,264,378 1,404,243   96.63% 3.37%
Kenneth Pickering 41,072,091 596,530 98.57% 1.43%
Mario D. Szotlender 19,923,535 21,745,086     47.81% 52.19% 
Godfrey J. Walton 41,113,017 555,604 98.67% 1.33%

All director nominees were re-elected. However, pursuant to the Company’s Majority Voting Policy for Election of Directors (the “Policy”) and Toronto Stock Exchange rules, Mario Szotlender failed to receive a majority for his re-election as a director. Mr. Szotlender therefore tendered his resignation as a director of the Company effective upon acceptance by the Board of Directors of the Company (the “Board”) of such resignation. Pursuant to the Policy, the Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee will consider Mr. Szotlender’s resignation and make a recommendation to the Board as to whether or not the resignation should be accepted and what, if any, other actions to take. The Board will act on the committee recommendation within 90 days after the AGM. Following the Board’s decision, the Company will issue a press release disclosing the Board’s determination.

Appointment of Auditor

By a show of hands, shareholders voted in favour of re-appointing KPMG LLP as auditor, and authorized the Board to fix the auditor's remuneration for the ensuing year.

Executive Appointment

Endeavour announced the appointment of Christine West to the position of Vice President, Controller. Christine has been with Endeavour in the capacity of Controller since 2008. Endeavour CEO Bradford Cooke commented: “Christine brings strong experience and skills to her position, and has shown tremendous dedication to the company. Her contributions as Controller have been significant, particularly her quality of work, attention to detail, and the professionalism she has brought to the role. I am pleased to welcome Christine to the senior management team.”

About Endeavour - Endeavour Silver is a mid-tier precious metals mining company that owns three high grade, underground, silver-gold mines in Mexico. Since start-up in 2004, Endeavour has grown its mining operations organically to produce 9.7 million ounces of silver and equivalents in 2016. We find, build and operate quality silver mines in a sustainable way to create real value for all stakeholders. Endeavour Silver’s shares trade on the TSX (EDR) and the NYSE (EXK).

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