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    Tailings & Waste Management

Responsible tailings management is a top priority for Endeavour

We are committed to managing our tailings and other waste in safe and environmentally responsible ways, and being open and transparent about how we do that. We have stringent standards for managing our tailing operations that meet or exceed Canadian and Mexican guidelines for minimizing tailings risks.

Why this matters to us

Waste is an inevitable byproduct of mining operations. From waste rock to tailings, we believe it’s our duty to manage all the waste we generate effectively and in line with societal expectations. Surface tailings can represent one of the most significant environmental risks of mining operations, leading to potential injury or loss of life and serious water and soil pollution if not properly managed. If handled responsibly, risks to the environment, local communities and human health and safety from tailings can be eliminated. 

Our goals 2022-2024

Strengthen tailings and waste management
Key Actions
2024 Goals

Strengthen our tailings management practices across the entire tailings facility lifecycle, applying guidance from the new Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management

Align with the Global Industry Standard for Tailings Management

Not reportable tailings spills

Tailing stability factor of at least 1.5 when static and 1.0 in dynamic conditions

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