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May 11, 2022

Mental Wellness is Fundamental to Our Culture

We at Endeavour recognize that employees experience a wide range of personal concerns – from family and financial stress to a traumatic event – that affect their mental well-being and can impact their ability to be effective at home and at work. According to the World Health Organization, many mental health conditions can be effectively treated with the right care and access to care.

For these reasons, we’re increasing our focus on mental wellness of our workforce, including by cultivating an environment where our people can speak up and ask for support when needed.

In early 2021, we launched Programa de Asistencia a Empleados (PAE), a support program that offers easy-to-access counselling and resources for employees and their family members. Through a dedicated hotline, people can access free counselling sessions with specialists by phone or faceto-face. Available services include emotional counseling, medical advice, nutritional counseling, legal guidance and financial counseling.

Approximately 50% of our employees used the PAE in 2021. Our employees expressed considerable satisfaction with the service, acknowledging the quality advice and self-help strategies provided to help them face their concerns in a positive way.

“I used the PAE following a traumatic situation where I was robbed. I was experiencing anxiety and was able to get the help I needed. I went through sessions with a psychologist for a few weeks until I felt I was on my feet again. I am really grateful to have had access to this support.” — Endeavour employee

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