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    Water and Biodiversity Stewardship

Endeavour is committed to preserving biodiversity and water resources where we operate

Water and biodiversity conservation considerations are integrated in our pre-mine planning and over the entire lifecycle of our mines. We recycle and reuse more than 90% of water to reduce our reliance on fresh water. And we spearhead our own tree-planting and reforestation programs to help rehabilitate areas where we develop our projects.

Under our Sustainability Strategy 2022-2024, we are increasing our actions to protect water and biodiversity, through conservation measures and nature restoration programs.

Why this matters to us

Water and biodiversity of ecosystems are key elements of life on Earth. 

Global water concerns affect us all, putting pressure on water resources and the need for water conservation and awareness. Since our mining operations both consume and discharge water, we have a responsibility to use and plan our water resources effectively. A reliable supply of water – in quantity and quality – is essential for mineral processing, dust control and meeting the needs of our people, among other things. At the same time, mining can have adverse effects on surrounding surface water and groundwater unless protective measures are taken.

Safeguarding biodiversity is also critical to Endeavour and local communities. Mining and stockpile activities, if not managed responsibly, can have adverse impacts on local wildlife and lands, including soil and vegetation.

Our goals 2022-2024

Elevate stewardship of water and biodiversity
Key Actions
2024 Goals

Reduce our impact on shared water resources through evolving best practices in water conservation and management

Keep the intensity of fresh water consumption below 0.45 m3 / ton processed

Maintain process water recycling rate above 85%

Partner with local conservation groups and/or government authorities to protect water bodies

Increase in households with access to improved water supply or sewage infrastructure

Seek opportunities to transition from reforestation to restoration of deforested areas.

Increase number and survival rate of trees planted annually in accordance with the vegetation in that region

Partner with local conservation groups and/or government authorities to share data, monitor and conserve flora/fauna

Report on conservation efforts and biodiversity monitoring, focusing on flora/fauna impacted

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