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edrsilvercorp Happy Miner’s Day in #Mexico! Today, we honour the hard work, dedication, and courage of our miners who tirelessly drive our industry forward. Thank you for all you do! #silver #mining

edrsilvercorp July 11, 2024

edrsilvercorp In 2023, we achieved an 89% water recycling and reuse rate in our operations, minimizing the use of fresh water.

edrsilvercorp July 10, 2024

edrsilvercorp We’ve made exciting improvements to our site facilities, including new gyms, recreation areas, and upgraded living spaces at Terronera, Guanaceví, and Bolañitos. These enhancements aim to create a safe, comfortable environment for our dedicated workforce. Head to edrsilver.com/blog to learn more.

edrsilvercorp July 9, 2024

edrsilvercorp Silver has natural antibacterial properties. Throughout history, it has been used for preserving food and purifying water. #SilverFacts

edrsilvercorp June 28, 2024

edrsilvercorp In early June, we proudly hosted the Santiago de Los Pinos Ejido special commission for a key meeting with the Terronera project leaders. The event featured a formal project presentation and tour of our facilities. This visit marks a significant milestone in our relationship with the community and its leaders. Head to terronera.com/blog to learn more.

edrsilvercorp June 18, 2024

edrsilvercorp In celebration of International Day of Women in Mining, we're highlighting Angélica López, the first woman from the surrounding communities to lead a professional growth project in Terronera. From a cleaning job to a PTAR Analyst, her journey of overcoming challenges inspires us all. Head to terronera.com/blog to learn more about Angélica's story. #IDWIM2024 #WomenInMining #IAmMining

edrsilvercorp June 17, 2024

edrsilvercorp “Silver is a metal of tomorrow,” says CEO Dan Dickson.

edrsilvercorp June 14, 2024

edrsilvercorp There’s a reason why Mexico is one of the top silver producing countries in the world. Dale Mah, VP Corporate Development, gives reasons to why we do business there.

edrsilvercorp June 12, 2024

edrsilvercorp How are we building Terronera sustainably? Hear CFO Elizabeth Senez explain our approach for a greener future.

edrsilvercorp June 10, 2024

edrsilvercorp Clean energy demands a steady supply of silver, and Endeavour Silver is ready to meet those needs!

edrsilvercorp June 9, 2024

edrsilvercorp Did you know we hold one of the best organic growth profiles in the #silver sector? Here's how we're achieving this.

edrsilvercorp June 6, 2024

edrsilvercorp At Endeavour Silver, we're committed to protecting our planet by transitioning from reforestation to restoring deforested areas. In 2024, we're aiming to plant more trees with higher survival rates, using native species that support our local ecosystems as part of our ongoing #ESG commitments. Together, we can make a difference! #Sustainability #GenerationRestoration #WorldEnvironmentDay

edrsilvercorp June 6, 2024

edrsilvercorp Galina Meleger, our VP of Investor Relations, shares her insights on the promising long-term outlook for silver. From its crucial role in green technologies and electronics to its enduring value as a precious metal, silver's future is brighter than ever!

edrsilvercorp June 2, 2024

edrsilvercorp Horses are now wearing silver, which are embedded in socks to benefit from the metal’s ability to kill dangerous microbes and promote wound healing. #SilverFacts

edrsilvercorp May 31, 2024

edrsilvercorp Dale Mah, our VP of Corporate Development, shares how we evaluate M&A opportunities to find high-value assets and fuel our growth towards becoming a leading primary silver producer.

edrsilvercorp May 30, 2024

edrsilvercorp Elizabeth Senez, CFO of Endeavour Silver, explains how the location of the Terronera project could positively attract labor to work at the mine. #Mexico #silver #mining #resources #exploration

edrsilvercorp May 27, 2024

edrsilvercorp Get ready to hear from Dan Dickson, CEO, as he explains our strategic position amidst the rising demand for silver in the renewable energy transition.

edrsilvercorp May 14, 2024

edrsilvercorp Lights, camera, action! Galina Meleger, VP of Investor Relations, is stepping into the spotlight to unravel the near-term macro catalysts for silver equities.

edrsilvercorp May 11, 2024