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edrsilvercorp At Endeavour, we're committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, and envision a place where women in leadership can thrive. Here's to the amazing #WomenInMining at the company and in the industry! #IWIM

edrsilvercorp June 20, 2022

edrsilvercorp The most common form of silver is sterling silver. This is actually 92.5% pure silver with the other 7.5% made up of other metals including copper.

edrsilvercorp June 18, 2022

edrsilvercorp In early 2021, we launched Programa de Asistencia a Empleados (PAE), a support program that offers easy-to-access counselling and resources for employees and their family members, which has been a great success in our community. Head to our blog on edrsilver.com to learn more.

edrsilvercorp June 7, 2022

edrsilvercorp At Endeavour, we recognize that there is #OnlyOneEarth, which is why we're committed to mitigate the impacts of our mining activities on the natural environment by improving how efficiently we use land, water and energy through our ESG and CSR programs. #WorldEnvironmentDay

edrsilvercorp June 5, 2022

edrsilvercorp ‘Sterling’ refers to the silver pennies introduced by the Normans, which were decorated with stars; their word sterre became starling, which then became sterling.

edrsilvercorp May 21, 2022

edrsilvercorp Silver bullion back in 1910 from the Guanacevi area. Now that's a throwback!

edrsilvercorp May 17, 2022

edrsilvercorp We recognize that sustainability is imperative for our long-term success, including financial success. This year’s report, ‘Bridge to the Future’ speaks to our ongoing actions to help shape a more inclusive and sustainable tomorrow in which both our business and our stakeholders can prosper. Learn more at edrsilver.com

edrsilvercorp May 12, 2022

edrsilvercorp Our first quarter performance was strong - we produced 1,314,955 oz of silver and 8,695 oz of gold for 2.0 million oz silver equivalent. This puts us on track to achieve our 2022 production guidance. Go to edrsilver.com to see our Q1 2022 financial and operating results.

edrsilvercorp May 11, 2022

edrsilvercorp Through our Sustainability Strategy, we have set clear priorities, actions and targets to reach by 2024, to: - mobilize action towards a low-carbon economy, by minimizing our production of direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions - strengthen tailings and waste management, to align with new global industry standards - increase our actions to protect water and biodiversity, through conservation measures and nature restoration programs #ESG

edrsilvercorp April 28, 2022

edrsilvercorp We're pleased to report positive drill results from the Parral project. Since early December, we have drilled over 4,300 metres in 21 holes targeting several areas along the Veta Colorada structure. Head to edrsilver.com for drill highlights.

edrsilvercorp April 26, 2022

edrsilvercorp We are awarding 500 scholarships in local communities over 3 years as part of our #ESG sustainability strategy.

edrsilvercorp April 25, 2022

edrsilvercorp Silver compounds were used to prevent infection from spreading in war zones during World War 1.

edrsilvercorp April 23, 2022

edrsilvercorp We are conscious that every day should be earth day, which is why we have elevated our efforts in every aspect of our business such as reducing carbon footprint, improving tailings management, and protecting biodiversity in the regions that we operate in. Let's make every day count! #EarthDay2022

edrsilvercorp April 22, 2022

edrsilvercorp Our 3 year target includes increasing access to households with improved water supply or sewage infrastructure. #ESG

edrsilvercorp April 21, 2022

edrsilvercorp Through our Sustainability Strategy, we have set clear priorities, actions and targets to reach by 2024, to: - deliver strong governance and risk management - maintain and inspire an ethical company culture - build a sustainable supply chain #ESG

edrsilvercorp April 19, 2022

edrsilvercorp The Pie Throw is an annual #MiningforMiracles fundraising event that pairs leaders from across the industry in a friendly fundraising competition. Whoever raises the most funds earns the right to publicly pie their competitor in the face, with their family, friends and business networks watching. Let’s support CEO Dan Dickson and the BC Children’s Hospital! Link in bio for more info.

edrsilvercorp April 18, 2022

edrsilvercorp Year over year, we aim to increase the number and survival rate of trees planted annually, using species that are in accordance to the vegetation structure of the region. #ESG

edrsilvercorp April 14, 2022

edrsilvercorp We are pleased to report continued high-grade drill results from our ongoing exploration program at the Guanacevi Mine in Durango State, Mexico. Head to edrsilver.com for drill results.

edrsilvercorp April 13, 2022