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edrsilvercorp Here at Endeavour, employee engagement and workplace inclusivity are key objectives of our new Sustainability Strategy because they are imperative to our success in today’s changing economy.

edrsilvercorp November 29, 2022

edrsilvercorp While we’ve made strong achievements and progress in sustainability, we should not be complacent. It’s clear we have lots of work to do to further drill sustainability down into every aspect of our business – from our workplace practices, to environmental management systems, to supplier evaluations.

edrsilvercorp November 28, 2022

edrsilvercorp The culture of a company defines its identity and influences employee behaviours. That’s why we’re fixated on maintaining and inspiring an ethical organizational culture.

edrsilvercorp November 25, 2022

edrsilvercorp Reviewing the safety and security of our tailings facilities is a non-stop effort, and we continually look for additional measures that can strengthen our approach.

edrsilvercorp November 24, 2022

edrsilvercorp Congratulations to our former COO and founder, Godfrey Walton, for receiving the Alumni Honour Award at the University of Alberta. His leadership at Endeavour has forged a strong start to our ESG initiatives and has helped shape our industry, and supported Mexican communities where we operate.

edrsilvercorp November 23, 2022

edrsilvercorp Amidst the evolving pandemic, we maintained intensified health protocols at our operations to meet the different COVID-19 surges. The measures included constant monitoring and testing, sanitization and masks and increased vaccination rates among employees & contractors.

edrsilvercorp November 23, 2022

edrsilvercorp We identified three focus areas – People, Planet and Business – where we can make the greatest impact. These are areas where we're channeling our energy, increasing our investments and evolving our efforts to deliver meaningful progress toward a more sustainable future.

edrsilvercorp November 22, 2022

edrsilvercorp At our new development project, Terronera, we have a team of six people now developing community relations and engaging in negotiations with the local community and ejidos for land use.

edrsilvercorp November 21, 2022

edrsilvercorp We're pleased to report that in 2021 there were no significant or reportable environmental spills.

edrsilvercorp November 18, 2022

edrsilvercorp Our partnership with Real Safety group has produced extensive enhancements, including critical risk control protocols, new safety leadership training and an ingrained safety mindset among our workforce that are anchored on caring for each other as a core value.

edrsilvercorp November 17, 2022

edrsilvercorp Despite the challenges the pandemic has brought in 2021, we’ve set the stage for long term growth as we evolve and invest in both sustainable growth for our company and a more sustainable future for everyone.

edrsilvercorp November 16, 2022

edrsilvercorp Many of our stakeholders, including investors, communities and governments, are increasingly interested in learning about our approach to good governance and risk mitigation. We are committed to being transparent about our practices and performance.

edrsilvercorp November 15, 2022

edrsilvercorp Waste is an inevitable by-product of mining. From waste rock to tailings, we are committed to managing all the waste we generate in safe and environmentally responsible ways, while being transparent.

edrsilvercorp November 14, 2022

edrsilvercorp Safety is a non-stop effort, and we are working hard to cultivate a risk aware organization, where safety is a central driver of behaviours, relationships, systems and knowledge at all levels of our company.

edrsilvercorp November 11, 2022

edrsilvercorp As part of our GHG reduction initiatives in 2021, we continued to implement measures to streamline energy needs. We installed timers in some of the ventilation and pumping equipment to ensure that these systems operate only when needed.

edrsilvercorp November 10, 2022

edrsilvercorp An over-riding priority is to make Te Cuido a way of life at Endeavour. This is our philosophy of taking care of each other, and we believe it’s an essential part of being a premier mining company.

edrsilvercorp November 9, 2022

edrsilvercorp This quarter is a continuation of our strong operational performance. With production guidance reaffirmed, and a strong fourth quarter expected, we are feeling confident about our 2022 production results. More details of our Q3 financial results on edrsilver.com

edrsilvercorp November 8, 2022

edrsilvercorp Everyone at Endeavour shares responsibility for creating an inclusive and supportive environment. Through corporate policies, education and ongoing communication, we strive to promote open dialogue, fairness and kindness, and a high standard for moral behaviour.

edrsilvercorp November 8, 2022