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edrsilvercorp A growing number of stakeholders, such as investors, communities, and governments, are showing a heightened interest in understanding our strategies for good governance and risk mitigation. We remain dedicated to maintaining transparency regarding our practices and performance.

edrsilvercorp September 19, 2023

edrsilvercorp Mining Companies like us will be relied upon to deliver the minerals needed to support green technologies. Mining is a crucial industry for the transition to a low-carbon economy.

edrsilvercorp September 18, 2023

edrsilvercorp Given that our greatest carbon footprint arises from energy consumption, our primary emphasis remains on conservation and eco-efficiency initiatives aimed at lowering both our direct and indirect emissions. Our technical teams consistently assess and seek out prospects for pioneering alternative solutions.

edrsilvercorp September 17, 2023

edrsilvercorp To our Mexican community, happy independence day!

edrsilvercorp September 16, 2023

edrsilvercorp Our enthusiasm for the silver industry is unwavering. Silver, classified as a precious metal, stands as one of the most versatile and valuable metals globally.

edrsilvercorp September 10, 2023

edrsilvercorp Endeavour's success hinges on effective governance, which encompasses the proactive management of ESG risks and opportunities across all facets of our mining operations.

edrsilvercorp September 7, 2023

edrsilvercorp Shifting focus to 2022, the Guanaceví mine has surpassed USD$1 billion in revenue since starting production, thanks largely to an incredible team that has risen to the challenge to extensively turnaround operations that have now improved mine safety, productivity, and profitability. Head to our blog to learn more.

edrsilvercorp September 2, 2023

edrsilvercorp Endeavour’s Community Houses, operated by our local staff, delivered a variety of programmes for community members throughout all of last year. We’re proud to have a base near our mines to support and engage with the local people.

edrsilvercorp September 1, 2023

edrsilvercorp DYK, 90% of our procurement in 2022 was from local and national suppliers in Mexico.

edrsilvercorp August 29, 2023

edrsilvercorp As a requirement under the Equator Principles, we are forecasting our emissions at the Terronera facilities to be under 100,000 tonnes of CO2e, a critical threshold under international standards.

edrsilvercorp August 26, 2023

edrsilvercorp #DYK: Because silver is the best conductor of heat among all elements, it is used in space craft solar radiation. Most recently, NASA used silver-coated quartz tiles as protection from solar radiation. #SilverFacts

edrsilvercorp August 26, 2023

edrsilvercorp As the world seeks greener technology, we expect the market demand for silver to rise...

edrsilvercorp August 24, 2023

edrsilvercorp We understand the importance of investing in the social and economic wellbeing of local communities. They are home to our employees and their families, and we rely on their resources and infrastructure to support our business.

edrsilvercorp August 23, 2023

edrsilvercorp We’re very proud of Endeavour’s efforts and achievements this past year. In particular, the overall safety performance is certainly top of mind, with a 4 year downward trend.

edrsilvercorp August 20, 2023

edrsilvercorp In 2022, we continued our workforce health campaigns across the company related to vaccinations, breast cancer, respiratory illness and tuberculosis, and recognized alcoholism and drug abuse.

edrsilvercorp August 18, 2023

edrsilvercorp There is little doubt that the current decade represents a turning point for our planet. The widespread effects of a changing climate are having a measurable impact on people, communities, and businesses. All sectors of the economy must play a role in driving the transition to a low-carbon world.

edrsilvercorp August 14, 2023

edrsilvercorp Endeavour sponsored an innovative project in Boloñitos to develop audiovisual materials that highlight identity elements and local sites of interest. Learn more about the initiative on our blog.

edrsilvercorp August 12, 2023

edrsilvercorp The well-being of our employees and contractors is top priority. Our focus on safety never ends. We are working hard to cultivate risk awareness in the organization, where safety drives our behaviours, relationships, systems and knowledge at all levels of our company.

edrsilvercorp August 11, 2023